Mechanical Engineering



Satellite Tracking Dish Refurbishment 1

Railway Rolling Stock. 1

Solar sailor 2

Automatic Assembly Machine for a medical product 2

Sheet Slitter Component for teabag machine. 3

Developmental robot for sheep shearing. 3

Medical blower 4

Orientated PVC pipe manufacture. 4





Satellite Tracking Dish Refurbishment

 Mechanical diagnostics, systems analysis, mathematical modelling, hydraulic and mechanical refurbishment.

 Built by NASA in the 1950s using the hydraulic technology of the day, Avocet was a key consultant involved in restoring its mechanical performance for commercial use. The dish is used daily to receive data from satellites in polar orbits.  Visit ASTRA here




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Railway Rolling Stock

Avocet undertakes contract design and stress analysis related to rolling stock. Tasks have included upgrades of older stock to new requirements, refurbishment, failure analysis and remedial design, and new wagon design. We are proud to be associated with Bluebird Rail Operations.

















CHAY hopper wagons

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Solar sailor

 Mechanical design, systems analysis and mathematical modelling.   Avocet worked with the marine architect and the builders to design the wing actuation mechanisms and model the craft’s sailing performance.




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Automatic Assembly Machine for a medical product

 Complete mechanical design, manufacture and commissioning of rotary indexing assembly machine, including computer control. The machine operates in a clean room environment.




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Sheet Slitter Component for teabag machine

 Mechanical development, design, manufacture and testing.




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Developmental robot for sheep shearing

 Both principals were key consultants covering all aspects of this challenging project in the 1980s, including the mechanical design, hydraulics, control systems, instrumentation, electronics, mathematics, software and hardware.




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Medical blower

Avocet was closely involved in the development of this small high-speed turbine and its electric motor.



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Orientated PVC pipe manufacture

Allan Wallace was a key consultant involved in the development of Australia’s first commercial continuous extrusion process for Vinidex PVC-O Supermain pressure pipe.  The task included: mathematical modelling of the rheology, thermodynamic modelling, tooling design and manufacture, process control, PLC programming, instrumentation and direct involvement in testing.




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