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I enjoy the hobby of model engineering because it's instructive, creative, social and highly satisfying.  Clubs all over the world contribute to their local communities by providing low-cost family outings and support for local charities.    Find out more about the hobby here


This is my 5” gauge 4-6-0 steam locomotive modelled on the well known British “Black 5”.  These engines are more than models – they are miniatures that work just like the full-sized machines, burning coal and hauling passengers.  They are not kits, but built from scratch using stock materials and castings, from engineering drawings. 


But model engineering is a lot more than locomotives… click the items on the left to see more.





This picture was taken during a public field day at the South Australian Model and Experimental Engineers in Adelaide, South Australia.


SASMEE Park is open to the public on the first Sunday and third Saturday of each month (no Saturday in December) from 1400 to 1630.  Look for the sign on Millswood Crescent, Millswood, South Australia. Visit SASMEE’s website. Don’t forget to wear covered footwear if you want a train ride. (Lat -34.95623 Long 138.586781 if you have Google Earth or a GPS)


I also run regularly at Railway Park, on Regency Rd (between Churchill and Prospect Roads), Prospect, South Australia. We are open to the public on the fourth Sunday from 1330 to 1630 (again, not December, and wear covered footwear). (Lat -34.87355 Long 138.588664)


Another great club in the Salisbury area is the Penfield Model Engineers.


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